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Drift Northwest Fishing Newsletter 2022




We just finished up our successful winter steelhead season. We managed to land four 18 pounders and one 20lb trophy steelhead as well as countless 8-12lb fish. Thank you to everyone that came out and fished hard!


Big News: New Boat Purchase


We have purchased a new 28’ Willie Nemesis powerboat for the Ocean and Columbia River fisheries. This boat comes with all the fixins. A windshield to keep our riders dry from the spray, top of the line rod holders, air ride suspension seats, with HEAT! Yes, heated seats for those cold mornings on the water. We are very excited about the new opportunities this boat can offer clients.



May, June & July


Salmon season is here, and at Drift Northwest Fishing we are switching gears from steelhead to salmon. Tillamook Oregon, is where you will be able to spot our 6 person Makers Mark wrapped fishing sled. With fresh new seats and a new crab davit, we are ready to make this the best salmon season.


Starting June 18th, Coho Salmon can be caught out of Tillamook, OR. In the 6 person sled, clients can get their taste for what ocean fishing is like! Coho Salmon, Lingcod, and rockfish can all be caught on this ocean fishing trip. And don’t forget the crab! This trip really is the best bang for your bunk, clear out those chest freezers and book your trip now. 


Buoy 10 August & September (Astoria, Oregon)


Now, let’s talk Buoy 10 fishing! Buoy 10 up in Astoria, OR on the Columbia River starts August 1st 2022! The state has graciously gifted us with the ability to catch and keep hatchery Chinook Salmon from August 1 through 24th, can you believe it?! AND after August 24th to September 8th, the waters are open for ANY Chinook. Hatchery Coho Salmon is wide open, coho typically have a later run than the Chinook, but frankly, I think they eat better. ODFW has come out with a great looking forecast of a high salmon return this season so get your fasher and spinners ready. 


Crabbing at Buoy 10 will likely start after the chinook run ends. Crabbing can be added onto any trip, 12 crab per person with the appropriate license. 


Crab and fish caught while at Buoy 10 can be cooked and/or fileted at Sturgeon Paul’s World Headquarters right there across the parking lot of the boat ramp. 


For more information about fishing trips and how to book, please visit my website at 


We look forward to a safe and fun fishing season, hope to see you all out there!


Dustin Kriebel

(503) 318-9023

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